Hair Extensions



By having Popellas Hair, fit your new extensions or fit your own hair extensions, you agree to these terms and conditions set out below.


The following terms and conditions are applicable whether you have contacted Popellas Hair through the website, Facebook, Instagram, any online adverts, word of mouth.

I understand that I am using Popellas Hair for fitting hair extensions. Popellas Hair prices are inclusive of the service they provide as well as the hair extensions.  


As Popellas Hair has discussed inclusive of the cost paid, the hair extensions and the fitting service are combined. Popellas hair will always try to resolve any issues no matter how small that a client might have.  Some bonds may become more visible or come loose (this can be from accidental pulling with a brush or hair tied up to tight in the first week), maintenance advice will be given for any such issues you may have! This doesn't include maintenance appointment as this is a separate service.


If irritation occurs in rare instances this might result in itching and sensitive scalp, in this case, we will be very happy to suggest a solution to resolve any issues. This will be covered by Michelle and can be resolved very easily.


Your head may become sensitive for the first days, however, should not be painful! This should subside within the first week, this is caused because of the bonds/beads that have been fitted are pushing against your head when sleeping. It will take a little time to get used to this sensation.


We do not offer refunds because of hygiene and goods cannot be accepted back once they have been fitted.  We will guarantee our workmanship for 14 days. If any bonds have become loose or have slid out of the hair Popellas Hair will refit them at the next available appointment. We will always try and help if any issues continue past this time.


You will be given aftercare information and will need to strictly adhere to it. If any issues arise you will be given contact details to get in touch with Popellas Hair. Maintenance will have to be adhered to as Popellas Hair will not be held responsible for any issues that are the direct cause of not having the maintenance at the correct intervals (4 to 8 weeks). This can be matting that can cause damage to your own hair. Having your hair extensions removed by any other body could cause issues that Popellas Hair will not be liable for. If for any reason you need removal, they must be removed by us to ensure integrity and care are taken to correctly remove them, as we cannot take responsibility for 3rd party removal.


At the consultation and/or fitting stage we will give you an estimated time to rebook in for maintenance. After your first free maintenance appointment, It is down to the wearer to book in with Popellas Hair for any future maintenance needed.



Popellas Hair will not be held responsible nor in any way be liable, if you as the wearer decides that the extensions are not suitable for whatever reason.


Popellas Hair will always explain every detail, if asked, and will help you through the entire process and offer a second to none aftercare service!


Appointment and cancellations


Please be aware that a £20 consultation is needed to confirm a colour match and this is to be done in hours of natural daylight.


As a courtesy, if you need to rebook/cancel your appointment, please give us 48 hours.


Medical issues


Popellas Hair must be made aware of any medical issues that may affect the wearing of the extensions. Treatments, medication or pregnancy can affect the wearing of your extensions.


Working in your home


We ask that each client takes care to make a clear light space for extension fitting with optional sockets for extra lighting from Popellas Hair. Please make sure very small children have someone who can look after them for the period of time booked if possible as extra time will be charged. 


You agree to receive from time to time promotional messages and materials from us, by mail, email or any other contact form you may provide us with (including your phone number for calls or text messages). If you don't want to receive such promotional materials or notices – please just notify us at any time.