NANO BEAD Hair Extensions 18"    



  NANO BEAD     This is the most discrete and secure method of extension application and is 90% smaller than microbeads.  An excellent system that does not require adhesive, heat, or solvent.


Nano hair is attached with minute silicon lined beads which are great for finer hair and are virtually undetectable.

Fantastic for natural-looking hair to provide length, volume, thickness. texture, and hight/low lights without coloring your own hair.


Using small metal nano extensions are a very popular method as they provide a lightweight, discreet, natural look whilst requiring low maintenance. The beads (usually aluminum)can be lined or unlined with or without silicone.


They are fixed to small sections of natural hair which are tightened using a special tool that clamps the loop around your own hair.

Importantly, the Nano Technique combines strands of your own hair with strands of the extension hair without the use of glue, braids, or sewing.


As your hair grows, and the Nano bead moves away from the scalp, they need re-positioning every 4-6 weeks.


Nano hair comes in 0.5 - 1.0g, with a variety of colors to suit.


*Hair can last 9-12 months with a recommended program of hair care products and regular maintenance appointments, depending on the price tier that you choose and how well you have cared for your hair.

 Maintenance Appointments


Maintenance appointments are vital as the new hair grows continually but at different rates depending on thickness, therefore I suggest booking a maintenance appointment after 6-8 weeks of initial application.


Re-positioning & move up without full removal can be done every 2nd maintenance app which can be faster and therefore, cheaper. However, full removal and replacement of the micro ring is advised.!

Reapplication is needed on the 3rd maintenance appointment which involves removing the ring, combing out the loose hair which naturally sheds & then reapplying a new ring with the original strand of hair.


This is important as the hair grows approximately 1.5cm per month. 


Cost For Maintenance & Removals


Re-positioning / move up every 6-8 weeks

Half Head £65+

Three Quarters £85+

Full Head £100+

When the hair is starting to look tired you will be advised to buy new hair and have a fresh new application, also known as a re-application.


For Maintenance & Removals

£+ will be added when there is severe matting/issues taking the appointment over 1.5 hours.


Re-application £120 / £160 + Price of new hair.


Full removal of micro rings £35ph



(We can fit your own hair if the quality is approved. Please add £20 onto the Re application price for this service)

Cost For Hair