*All prices include a cutting and blending service.

*We have a variety of lengths to choose from, please ask for more information.

*We will always recommend using our own quality 100% human Remy hair suppliers.

*We are also able to remove/fit your own 'quality' locks however an extra £20 charge is payable for this service. 

Please message us for a full price list



This is to help suit every budget and helpful for the introduction of hair extensions.


   *BRONZE  Grade AAA                           


If you are new to hair extensions, I would recommend you use the Bronze range until you are comfortable and happy with your application method. Then, when you are more committed, you may want to try the next tier package for longevity.


   *SILVER  Grade AAAA


If you are looking for reusable hair of up to 3 or  4 times (1 year) then this is the package for you. All the hair  I use is personally sourced therefore of outstanding quality. Beauty Works Colour Chart


   *GOLD Grade AAAAA 


  This hair is my favorite as it is ethically sourced & 100% traceable! When it comes to raw materials, Great Lengths can boast a virtuous provision process. The key-choice is about the origin of hair, all coming from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices.

Hair is placed in osmosis baths where the black pigments are gently lifted from deep inside the cortex of the hair. This process of gently removing the pigment from the hair can take anywhere from 10 to 25 days to get it to the absolute lightest shade of blonde. The bonds are very different from keratin glue bonds ...they are fantastic for fine hair as they expand when wet. Fabulous!


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Popellas Hair
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